April 22, 2017

About Us

Our Story

Beena Rao Consultants are a broad based educational consulting start-up that uses unique approaches and best practices solutions to set up new schools and transform existing schools and educational institutes.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, effective and proven solutions to new and existing schools to help empower them and enable their teachers and principals to create an encouraging and caring learning environment which fosters creativity, confidence and the knowledge to ensure that all students are able to succeed in an ever changing world.

Our Vision

To inspire, educate, challenge and support all students (and teachers) to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.

Our Team

Meet the Team

A motivated and hard working team driven by educational expertise and expansive experience.

Beena Rao

Founder & Education Consultant

A well known, widely respected and influential education consultant with over 35 years experience. Her name is synonymous with quality education across Northern India.

Shelja Monga

Academic Head

Professional with wide ranging experience in the education domain. A teacher by heart, conducts training workshops using inquiry based learning and new age teaching methodology.

Meera Salooja

Advisor - Transformative School Innovations and Teacher Trainer

An acclaimed professional educator for 17 years with strong track record in the field of school transformation, fostering child centred curriculum and pilots the training capsules for teachers.

Sunil Garg

IT Head

Sunil is AMIE, BCA, ITIL, CCNA certified with 6 years of IT management experience, serving academic institutions.

Dr Rinkoo Wadhera

School Development Consultant

A Ph.D in English and a D.Lit. in Gender Studies and Folklore. She
is keen on redefining educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the
world of teaching and learning.

Dikshant Malik

Mentor Student Empowerment

An engineer by profession, Dikshant is a Public Speaking Trainer, Motivational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. He has worked with over 50 schools across India and is the founder of an educational venture, Wiziwig Learnings and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.